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Ended Apr 27, 2022

Full course description


At the end of this course you will be able to make risk-informed decisions in the information age. The Certificate Program in Cybersecurity is designed for non-technical professionals in any field—no information technology or computer science background required. It is designed for those who need to deepen their understanding of technology with accurate, up-to-date knowledge of what cybersecurity is and the risks it addresses, how to effectively implement it, and what the legislative big picture is surrounding emerging threats and technologies. The program examines how to identify potential cyber threats, manage risk, and help lead through crises. Attendees will also learn many aspects of cybersecurity governance, including best practices when vetting cybersecurity firms; how to address regulatory and compliance requirements; threat modeling, security metrics, and budgeting; incident response and remediation; the benefits and pitfalls of cloud-based solutions; public-private cyber threat information-sharing relationships; and much more.


Daniel Garrie, 

Co-Founder of Law & Forensics LLC, where he heads the Computer Forensics and Cyber Security teams. 


David Cass, 

CISO for IBM, former Risk Management VP at JP Morgan Chase


Lecture Outline:

  1. Overview of computer hardware, software, and cloud computing.
  2. Introduction to Blockchain and smart contracts.
  3. Introduction to the cryptocurrencies, NFTs and DAOs.
  4. Understanding what is cyber insurance, how to buy cyber insurance and things to remember.
  5. Introduction to Cyberwarfare and International Law.
  6. Survey of cyber regulations



March 23, 2022 to April 27, 2022: Every Wednesday 12:00-2:00 pm CT.