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Artificial Intelligence in Business

Started Feb 14, 2022

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This course is designed to provide an introduction to the evolving area of AI, with an emphasis on potential business applications and related managerial insights. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science behind systems that can program themselves to classify, predict, and offer solutions based on structured and unstructured data.

For millennia, humans have pondered the idea of building intelligent machines. Ever since, AI has had its highs and lows, and demonstrated successes as well as unfulfilled potential. Today, AI is empowering people and changing our world. Netflix recommends movies, Amazon recommends popular products, self-driving cars learn to navigate safely around other vehicles without human assistance, and programmed robots distinguish trash from dishes that are to be washed. This courses focuses on how AI systems understand, reason, learn and interact; learn from industry’s experience on several AI cases; develop a develop a deeper understanding of machine learning (ML) techniques and the algorithms that power those systems, and propose solutions to real world scenarios leveraging AI methodologies.



  • Understand the history and evolution of AI
  • Explain how AI systems understand, reason, learn, and interact
  • Learn new insights from industry experiences through AI use cases and IBM Lab-based solutions
  • Develop a deeper understanding of machine learning (ML) techniques and algorithms that power them
  • Explore systems that understand language and those that understand vision
  • Propose solutions to real world scenarios leveraging AI methodologies and technologies
  • Develop a Proposal for an AI Project Initiative at a business where you work now, or hope to in future
  • Provide the valuable opportunity to students to earn an IBM AI Badge