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IBM SkillsBuild - Ethical AI Applications of Deep Learning and Computer Vision


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Full course description


Introduce advanced concepts for adopting AI in the enterprise



Earn IBM's Ethical AI Applications of Deep Learning and Computer Vision badge



This course is only available to people affiliated with Illinois Tech



None, this is a not-for-credit course



Complete the Building Trustworthy AI Enterprise Solutions course



  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Visual recognition
  • AI ethics
  • Real world use-cases

Learning outcomes

  • Explore machine learning algorithms and develop a deep understanding of ML techniques
  • Understand deep learning and its industry applications
  • Understand computer vision and its relationship with deep learning
  • Explore computer vision industry implementations through simulations and experiments
  • Hands-on experience with IBM Watson Visual Recognition to classify and train deep learning models
  • Explore an end-to-end use case, where a leading law firm assists a traffic monitoring entity on the ethical adoption of computer vision technology; role-play the personas involved in the scenario, including Chief Policy Officer, AI ethics consultant, AI developers, and AI ethics official
  • Identify the sociocultural impact of visual recognition technology, and embrace an ethical roadmap for adoption which leads to benefits for society