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IBM SkillsBuild - Getting Started with Threat Intelligence and Hunting


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Full course description


Insight into the current threat intelligence challenges faced by an enterprise, and a general understanding of the threat intelligence practices and tools available in the market



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This course is only available to people affiliated with Illinois Tech



None, this is a not-for-credit course



Basic IT Literacy skills



  • Attack trends per geography
  • Threat intelligence concepts
  • Threat intelligence tools
  • Real-world use cases


Learning outcomes

  • Get exposed to the cyber threats landscape, exploring how cyber attacks affect organizations across different industries and identify patterns for attack trends around the world.
  • Engage in practical activities, utilizing cloud-based enterprise threat intelligence solutions such as IBM X-Force Exchange, to monitor in real-time events happening across different geographies and get alerts of incidents relevant to the enterprise security profile.
  • Get familiar with cyber attack adversarial frameworks used by cyber criminal networks and evaluate approaches to proactively address these attacks by leveraging threat-hunting techniques.
  • Learn to install and use threat intelligence tools used by threat hunters such as IBM i2 Intelligence Notebook to enable organizations to thwart attacks from cybercrime organizations