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IBM SkillsBuild - Machine Learning for Data Science Projects


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This course introduces advanced topics core to the Data science profession



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This course is only available to people affiliated with Illinois Tech



None, this is a not-for-credit course



Complete the Enterprise Data Science in Practice course



  • Data modeling
  • Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • Real-world use cases

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the use of AI automation to accelerate the data model management lifecycle
  • Understanding of linear algebra principles for machine learning
  • Understanding of different modeling techniques
  • Understanding of model validation and selection techniques
  • Communicate results translating insight into business value
  • Demonstrate through a project the ability to test different models on a dataset, validate and select the best model, and communicate results
  • Hands-on experience on IBM AutoAI, and IBM Watson Visual Recognition
  • Understand the inner dynamics of an auto insurance company and use Data science and AI to improve business outcomes